Double Barrel Blood Tracker Zoom

The Double Barrel Blood Tracker® Zoom is the only blood tracking light that puts you in command.  It allows the hunter to adjust the light to his needs in order to follow the blood trail of wounded game in any habitat.

The patented ZOOM function controls the intensity of each specialized wavelength. This function permits the user to have complete control over blood reflectance and contrast to make blood GLOW. In addition the Double Barrel Tracker® Zoom emits up to a whopping 10 watts of light when you need it. The combination of these unique features found only in the double barrel Blood Tracker Zoom light makes night time tracking possible in any habitat or season.  Its compact design makes it easy to carry in your pocket, attached to your belt.  

Our field testers have reported that this light consistently outperforms competitor’s models costing three to four times more.  Get yours today. Get in control and Get your game!  

Tech specs

  • Patented ZOOM function controls blood reflectance and contract
  • Adjustable light intensity for individual user preference
  • Five modes High/Low/Strobe/red only/green only
  • Low intensity mode for increased battery life
  • Strobe function for emergency situations
  • Red light only mode for nighttime map reading
  • Green light only avoids spooking certain animal species
  • 10W of super bright CREE LED power
  • Lamp life 50,000 hours
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum body with anti-scratching type 3 hard anodization
  • Water resistant
  • Belt clip
  • 6 hr. battery life
  • Requires two AA batteries
  • 1 year limited warranty