Bert Kessler Safari Travel Clothing has been worn by Heads of State and Game Wardens around the world. African leaders who have worn the clothing include Homo Kenyatta of Kenya and Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. President Williams of Trinidad has also been amongst the wearers. The clothing has attracted wearers throughout the world from the Alps to Spain to Casablanca. The clothing has been worn in the diamond fields of Sierra Leone and Ghana, the game reserves of Zambia, Tanzania, and Ghana, and the countries of Senegal, Botswana, Zaire, and Cameroon. Not to mention the Amazon and the gold and diamond fields throughout South America. Islanders have enjoyed the clothing in the South Pacific, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and Marshall Islands. The clothing has been worn down under in Australia and in New Zealand, the island of Madagascar, and India and China. People who wear Bert Kessler` Safari Travel Clothing travel by cruise ship throughout the Caribbean, hike the Appalachian Trail, bicycle the Rockies, photograph the Monteverde Rain Forest, surf the Hawaiian Islands and deal on Wall Street.

“How It Began”

In the early ’60’s Bert Kessler┬░ was selling home products door to door throughout the Caribbean and South America when he discovered that buying comfortable and practical travel clothing was impossible. While in Trinidad, W.I. he started to make safari travel clothing for himself. When traveling throughout the jungles of French Guiana and Suriname he had several people inquire about his clothing and where they could purchase the items. He took their names, custom made the clothing for them and mail-ordered to them. Today we are manufacturing the finest safari travel clothing in the world.

Our Men’s and Women’s Safari Shirts

Bert Kessler in Zambia tracking elephants and examining a poacher’s kill, Wearing safari shirt.
King Kuntunkununku II giving away Bert Kesler safari clothing to staff at St. Judes Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

Bert Kessler outside a small sewing factory in Tanzania
Bert Kessler pictured in the company’s very first Mohair silk suit, manufactured in Trinidad.

Visiting with the Queen Mother while wearing Kessler Safari clothing.
 Bert Kessler with his Maasai Guards