African Seminars and Workshops


Bert Kessler has over thirty years of personal experience in Africa, with unlimited business connections. More importantly, Bert Kessler has established many close and trusted relationships with the civic, tribal, and the many different governmental leaders. Africa is one of the worlds richest resource for minerals, petroleum reserves, timber, and of course, gold, diamond, emerald, and gemstone mining. These vast resources have barely been scratched. BK Holdings presently owns mining rights to thousands of acres, with ongoing negotiations for additional rights. Geological studies have been completed by independent survey studies and have been defined as some of the richest assessed properties within Africa. We are now seeking business partners to help BK and our African partners to develop manufacturing facilities, mining operations and the many import and export opportunities. This is where you come in!!

Affiliates Responsibilities:

We seek individuals with the following requirements. You must be able to learn and understand our international business. We are looking for entrepreneurs who can work on their own and who can develop a regional territory, while duplicating their success through others. We are looking for long-term relationships, which will be rewarded, through our profit sharing program. Your success will directly relate to our success. We are seeking, not just licensee agreements, but eventual partners. You will be responsible for scheduling and running our African Connection Seminars and Workshops. As a regional licensee, assigned to your own protected territory, you will be required to travel within that region setting up our seminars and workshops while training others under your supervision to do the same. Through these strategically located seminars, we will quickly and efficiently reach the necessary U.S. business market to introduce them to BK, and ultimately, our African partners.

Conducting a Business Seminar in London