About Bert and Bert Kessler International

Double Barrel Blood TrackerĀ® & 3-in-1 Night Fishing Lights

Our Tracking lights have been used throughout Africa.

In the ’60’s Herbert (Bert) Kessler was sailing throughout the Caribbean and South America. While sailing, Mr. Kessler had a difficult time finding appropriate travel clothing, so he designed and manufactured his own line of clothing. Since that time, he has designed over a 100 items; including solar products, solar dredges for mining gold, diamonds, and precious gems, and a 75-year lighting system. He handles raw diamonds and raw gold and holds mining contracts throughout Africa and South America. He manages other companies business affairs for Africa and internationally. All of the products are sold on exclusive rights throughout the world under his license, complete technology transfer with equipment. His developments are registered with the U.S. patent and trademark office.

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