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The 3-in-1 Night Fishing, Blood Tracker, Spot Light

Our tracking lights have been used throughout Africa.

Double Barrel Blood Tracker® lights specializes in the manufacturing of innovative LED lights and solar products for the hunting and outdoor enthusiast.  We have been designing and producing LED lights for over 20 years and pride ourselves on product quality and customer satisfaction.  Our new Double Barrel Lights line shines bright with patented features and functions found nowhere else in the market. The special double ZOOM feature on our Double Barrel Blood Tracker® makes a blood trail glow in any habitat by letting users control light contrast and reflectance.  

We are constantly working to develop, test, and bring new innovative designs to the outdoor enthusiast.  Please take a look at our products pages and check back often.  We love hearing from our customers so send us an email by using our contact form or give us a call today.  

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– Designed for the hunter needing to track wounded game in low light in any habitat
– The only blood tracking LED flashlight to feature a patented zoom function
– Allows for adjustment of light intensity to control blood reflectance and contrast
– Low and high power mode increases battery longevity
– Red light only mode for night time map reading
– Strobe mode for emergency signaling situations
– Uses high powered CREE LED diodes for 10w of total power
– Constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum body with anti-scratching type 3 hard anodization
– Toughened clear resin convex lenses
– Shockproof and water resistant

Switching ON/OFF and Adjusting Output
The Double Barrel Blood Tracker Zoom® is turned on and off by pressing the orange buttons located at the end of each side. There are three modes. Turning the unit off and back on will cycle the light to the next mode. These modes in the order that they occur are:

  1. High power
  2. Low power to conserve batteries

Zoom Function
The Double Barrel Blood Tracker Zoom® uses two specialized LED diodes. These diodes emit wavelengths in the red and a green light spectrum.
The patented zoom function allows the user to control the intensity of the red and green lights independently. Adjusting the zoom of the red and green diodes varies blood reflectance and blood contrast. This permits the blood tracking abilities to be optimized for a variety of terrain, adjust for age of blood and compensate for differences in individual user eyesight.
The unit’s red diode controls a blood trails reflectance or how brightly the blood glows.
The green diode increases or decreases a blood trails contrast with the surrounding environment.
An extreme example would be a blood trail in snow vs. a blood trail in fall forest leaf litter. The blood trail in snow would need less green light to stand out from the white background than the blood trail in fall forest leaf litter. Fall leaf litter often contains reds, browns, and other colors similar to that of blood and therefore the green diode should be zoomed to its widest extent to make blood stand out from these background colors.

To increase bloods the reflectance, intensify the red light by pulling the zoom of the red diode away from the light body. This concentrates and intensifies the red wavelength.

To increase the bloods contrast with the surrounding terrain intensify the green light by pulling the zoom of the green diode away from the light body. This concentrates and intensifies the green wavelength.

The Double Barrel Blood Tracker Zoom® is able to create an infinite number of combinations of red and green diode intensities. The optimal ratio of red to green wavelengths varies and is dependent on many factors such as terrain, age of blood, and individual user eyesight. Like any tool it will take the user a little practice to adjust to his or her individual needs.

We find it is best to start off with both the red and green diodes in high power mode (see: Switching ON/OFF and Adjusting Output) and at the lowest zoom or light intensity. This is accomplished by cycling to high power mode found directly after the strobe mode and making sure both the red and green zooms are up against the main body of the light. This also has the advantage of covering the widest possible search area. When a blood trail is found the user then adjusts each of the lights independently until the optimal reflectance and contrast is found.

Upon finding a blood trail:
1) Pull the green zoom slightly out concentrating the green wavelength and the blood contrast.
2) Pull the red zoom out slowly until the optimal blood reflectance is found.
The trail is then followed and the game animal is recovered.
It is not recommended to start with both zooms pulled out. This light intensity is most often too bright and will wash out the blood trail.

2 AA alkaline, Nicad or lithium ion batteries are needed.

During the off season store your Double Barrel Blood Tracker Zoom® in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight without batteries. This prevents the possibility of battery leakage and associated corrosion.

Once per year, threads should be wiped with a clean cloth followed by a thin coating of silicon-based lubricant.

For the latest information on Double Barrel Blood Tracker Zoom® products and services, please contact hckesler2@gmail.com or hksolar43@gmail.com.