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Discovrey Manufacturing company designs and manufactures lighting from one inch to 36 inches in length. These lights are used and enjoyed by customers worldwide. Models include 12", 18", and 36" metals with super bright white LED bulbs. These models are used by campers, hunters, airlines, policemen, DEA, fire departments, and custom agents.These units are ideal for drug and bomb searches. Each uses a 9-volt battery.

Finally a lighted inspection mirror! 12", 18", and 36" metal with mirror and super bright white or red LED. These models are ideal for inspection by police, DEA, military and customs agents in the search for drugs, contraband, and explosives. Uses a 9-volt battery.
Airport security checking automobiles Airport security checking automobiles Airport security checking automobiles

6" to 36" flexible models with super bright red (night vision) or white LED. These models are ideal for seeing into hard to reach areas and for undertaking tedious night procedures without causing pupil dilation. Truckers, mechanics, electricians, boaters, fishermen and police find these lights invaluable. Uses 3 AA batteries. Can stay on non-stop for over 30 days with no battery change/recharge necessary!

Dual super bright red LED model. This unit is a favorite of policemen. A night vision light ideal for report writing. Comes with a clip on back to easily attach to car visors. Uses 2 AA batteries.

12-inch Flex Light-Red

12-inch Mirror Light

18-inch Flex

18 inch Hardflex

18-inch metal inspection light with green LED bulb

18-inch Hardflex Light-Red

18-inch Metal

2 flexes and dual white

2 Twelve-inch Flexes (white & red) and Green six-inch Flex

2 Twelve-inch Flexes

3-inch metal

3 Six-inch Flex Lights ON

3-inch Metal with Flex Magnet Holder

6 and 12 inch flexes ON

6 inch flex light

6 inch flex ON


 Divers' Light;  Lobster Tickle Light

Dual Red Visor Light

Emergency Reflector

Emergency Reflector ON

Flex Magnet Light Holder

Hardflex Mirror ON

Hardflex Mirror Not Flexed

Metal Inspection Mirror with Light 18- or 36-inches

Six-inch Flex lights ON

Solar Shed package with 6-inch

The shed system with 2 flex lights

Two twelve-inch Flex Lights - White and Red

Voltage meter tester for solar shed system


Solar Key Chain LED Light




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